January 18, 2016

MooshieStitch Monday: Winter Woven Trees

Happy New Year!

Since some of you readers may be experiencing snow - here is a little "winter" themed project.

I have become slightly obsessed with the woven trellis stitch. I wanted to use it to stitch something other than a flower so I decided to try stitching little pine trees.

I practiced a few trees by drawing some triangles and followed the same steps as the woven trellis stitch.

needle woven trees

Once complete - turn the triangle around and it looks like a little pine tree ... right?

To make a little wintery tree scene, I roughly drew some trees on linen inside a little oval hoop - something different since I always use round hoops.

For the snow covered ground, I cut a piece of white felt and whip stitched it to the fabric.

Then added the tree trunks with straight stitches.

Now time to weave the trees!

woven trellis stitch

woven trellis stitch

needle weaving trees

I added some french knots and little eye stitches for snow flakes.

If I would have finished stitching this before the holidays, my plan was to decorate the trees by stitching little ornaments on them, or adding a star on top each tree. Maybe next year.....

P.S. To finish the back of the hoop - I followed this excellent tutorial.

See you next time!

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