August 29, 2016

Mooshiestitch Monday: Plushwork

Plushwork Embroidery

Have you ever heard of plushwork embroidery? It is also called chenille work or Amish stumpwork. 

I had never heard of this technique before until I randomly came across a tutorial for it online - so I decided to try it out and share it with you!

First, you should really check out this awesome tutorial. It includes step by step instructions with excellent photos and a handy pdf template to print the design!

I printed the template, traced and cut out a flower using a cover of a plastic container (specifically from a yogurt container!).

My first try was with Appleton wool on linen fabric.

The technique is very easy to learn -  if you know satin stitch you can do this!

Done with the first layer.

I repeated two more layers of the same wool.

The next step is my favorite - cutting the layers!

Amish Stumpwork

After I cut all the layers I removed the plastic template.

Here is the finished plushwork flower!

See how fluffy! It reminds me of turkey work.

I think it could have used a couple more layers of wool to make it fluffier, especially in the center of the flower, but it was good practice.

Next, I chose a bigger size flower, cut the template out of cardboard instead of plastic - it worked just as well - and I used DMC tapestry wool.

Here it is with one layer of light blue and adding my second layer of dark blue.

Added another layer of dark blue - for a total of three wool layers.

Cut through the layers and remove the template...

Chenille Work

Chenille Work

Notice the difference with the DMC tapestry wool? It is a thicker wool than the Appleton wool. 

Chenille Work

I definitely like the end result with the thicker DMC wool. What do you think?

Chenille work

Have you ever heard of plushwork? 

If you decide to give it a try, be sure to post your photos in the Feeling Stitchy Flickr Group or tag your photos on Instagram!

For more plushwork inspiration, check out this great Pinterest board.

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