March 23, 2015

Mooshie Stitch Mondays: Mountmellick Thorn Stitch

Let’s continue with another stitch common to Mountmellick embroidery - the Mountmellick Thorn Stitch.

First thing I realized was the lack of tutorials and photos of this stitch online. I found this video tutorial that is good, but also a bit blurry and this photo on Flickr. Both were helpful and gave me a good starting point on how to stitch it.

I read on a few websites about Mountmellick embroidery that the thorn stitch is basically a feather stitch with a French knot on every other stitch.

Honestly, I had a hard time with this stitch and these photos are my best example after many, many tries. I have no problem with feather stitch - but adding the French knot I found difficult for some reason! I do think it was easier to stitch with the pearl cotton than when I used regular floss.

I know this isn’t exactly how to stitch the Mountmellick thorn stitch - it definitely looks different from the few examples I found online - but that's ok. It’s my version of it. :)

This time for my whitework project, I decided to stitch a little sampler. I switched fabric because I really like how the white floss looks on the linen.


Stitches included: Mountmellick thorn stitch, chain stitch, cable chain stitch and french knots.


Next time: The cable plait stitch!

Interested in reading more about Mountmellick Embroidery? One great website I found is Vetty Creations. Yvette Stanton's embroidery is amazing. I started following her awesome board on Pinterest and I think I will be purchasing her book on Mountmellick embroidery also.

If you have ever tried the Mountmellick thorn stitch, please let me know! Or if you decide to stitch it - post your photos on Flickr - in the Embroidery Group.

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  1. Thank you Mooshie. I was to learn Mountmellick & maybe this is just the start I need.

  2. Awesome! If you start let me know!! :)

  3. Very nicely done :-)