December 19, 2016

MooshieStitch Monday: Woven Picot Stitch with Wool

Ever since I did the Simply Stitched book review, I have really enjoyed working with tapestry wool.

I had some leftover wool from my plushwork wreath, so I decided to try stitching a woven picot stitch flower with it.

You can refer to my tutorial for the woven picot if you need to learn the stitch - this post is more to show you how it looks using tapestry wool.

DMC Red 7108 and Blanc
I usually stitch the woven picot with pearl cotton. The first thing I noticed using wool is how quickly you can stitch it up - less weaving since the wool is so thick.

Here are the finished flower petals.

I added woven picot leaves and white french knots for the center of the flower.

I love how it looks with the tapestry wool.

It sorta reminds me of poinsettia - but maybe because it's red and I have Christmas on my mind :)

Thank you again to DMC for providing the tapestry wool!

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