March 14, 2016

MooshieStitch Monday: Little Felt Peeps


If you are a reader in the States, you are well aware it is currently the season of Peeps.

They are in every store for Easter right now.

Although I am not a fan of eating Peeps, I wanted to include them somehow in a simple embroidery project, especially after I found this free Peeps pattern.

Here is what I did:

I traced the pattern onto freezer paper (onto the non-shiny side).

Place the freezer paper Peeps (shiny side down) onto felt and hold your iron over the pattern for about 5 seconds.

I used basic craft felt and set my iron to the Acrylic/Silk (no steam) setting. The freezer paper will adhere to the felt just long enough for you to cut them and the paper will peel right off.

I have never used freezer paper like this before and it works great! I will definitely use this method again.

Then I whip stitched each Peep onto my fabric.

Yellow Peep...

Pink Peep...

Purple Peep...

I stitched french knots for the eyes and nose.

I thought it needed something extra so I added some flowers.

Per the Peeps wiki page, it says they are sold in Canada also (you lucky Canadians!), so I am curious if any readers out there know if they are sold anywhere else in the world!

I hope you liked this little Peeps project. If you decide to use the pattern for an embroidery project or anything else, let me know. I would love to see!

Also, have you ever used freezer paper for tracing patterns??

Hi! I'm Michelle (aka Mooshie) and I've been stitching since 2007. I own more embroidery hoops than I will ever need and am a borderline hoarder of floss. In my spare time I'm hanging out with my dog Sega, planning my next hike, or trying to convince my husband to draw me embroidery patterns. You can find me on my blog, MooshieStitch and Flickr.

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