August 5, 2008

Such wonderfulness

Fruit Girl - WIP
from Early Bird Special

Do any of you guys do Facebook? If so you'll understand how charming a fruit is when it's worn on one's head... :)

And, for you Facebook-ers, there's some cute new flair on the block... just do a search for "feeling stitchy"...


  1. Ahh yes, saving the rainforest one lil' green patch request at a time.

    Thanks for sharing my cute little Applehead girl!

  2. It is terribly cute! :-)

    And speaking of Facebook, is there a Feeling Stitchy group type thing on there? ;-)

  3. First off, the apple-girl is so cute I want to actually SCREAM! My #1 question... why can the Japanese make everything pertaining to crafts so darn cute?! Why isn't there that many companies in the US specializing in adorable-ness??

  4. I AM sooooo addicted to FLAIR! i'll add it right away! :)

    this is my first time to comment on your page btw but i've been reading for a while :) just incase your like who the heck are you. :D