August 5, 2008

Paris on my Mind

I've been thinking a lot about Paris lately. I do love all things French, but have not been there in a long time. Hopefully we'll get to make a trip there soon - in the meantime, here are some lovely French inspired embroidery from Flickr!

1. Pincushion, 2. Eiffel tower pillowcases, 3. I see London I see France..., 4. beret girl detail, 5. The Market Bag, 6. Eiffel Tower, 7. FELT COASTER Blue Eiffel 1 (set), 8. Pisa and Paris., 9. French Kitchen Towels, 10. Set. no.2, 11. Edie's Sheets, 12. Velo a Paris, detail 2006

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.


  1. All the photos are so enjoyable. Although I've not visited France, I've always thought how special that would be. I love so much about French decorating and so forth. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Thanks for including me in the mosaic. My first time so this is pretty exciting for me!

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  4. Darn those spelling mistakes.

    Thanks for including my Paris and Pisa picture - I got the pattern from Sublime Stitching. I LOVE those patterns!!

  5. I made a Viva La France baggette that has some machine embroidered designs of France.

    You can view the baggette at my etsy shop.