October 30, 2011

Patterns: Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo by Cathy Gaubert close up

Petting Zoo stitched by cscrabeck, pattern by Cathy Gaubert

How cute are this threesome? I love this embroidery by cscrabeck and I also love the pattern itself which is by Cathy Gaubert. As of typing this pattern is not in Cathy's shop, but hopefully it'll be back in there soon. I think it would be a great pattern on a girlie pencil case or bag.


  1. How sweet! I'm heading over to Cathy's shop to see what else she has. :)

  2. I loved that pattern the moment I laid eyes on it! And it doesn't hurt that it looks exactly like my friend's daughters!

    Thanks for posting it! And thanks to Cathy for designing it!

    Striped tights?! Lovely!


  3. Oh. My. So adorable. Reminds me of my three grandgirls.

  4. This is a super adorable pattern! I love it!

  5. I love this pattern it's just too cute I want to stitch something for my little princess. xx

  6. What a darling pattern. It's deceptively simple, but the more you look the more detail you see. This would be sweet as a block for a little girls quilt.