January 27, 2012

Hearts and dragons

There have been so many great free patterns in our pool this month that I'm doing a quick roundup!

Lovely dragon pattern by Aimee:
year of the dragon pattern

Cute (and gorgeous) free cross stitch dragon from Yasuko:
New year 2012

Cross stitch heart handwarmers by Mollie:
hand warmer

Mini felt heart pouch by Hiromi:
Mini Heart Pouch Tutorial

And these sweet little foxes by Jo:
Foxy Foxes Embroidery Pattern

I think that's plenty of free patterns to start your new year! :)


  1. These are awesome! I absolutely downloaded that year of the dragon design, love it <3

  2. Thank you for introducing my heart pouch tutorial. I hope many crafty fellows enjoy the project! I have more tutorials in my blog. Please visit!

  3. awesomeness!
    i have noticed that two bloggers from the feeling stitchy team have left. now i am wondering how many bloggers are actually part of the team?

    1. No worries, nikki - there are 6 of us still here - you can read more about us on our About page. We have a lot of fun things planned for February, and you'll be hearing a lot from us. :)

  4. Love the dragon, especially. I just read an article somewhere about dragons being so popular right now. Can't wait to try it.

  5. Hello everyone,

    I'm stitching and framing cross stitch patterns to put up around my 3 daughters bedrooms and want them to be of a particular theme.

    I stitched the ones from the links below and they look great on the wall, but I need more to get around each of their bedroom walls and have looked everywhere. I even tried making my own, but they looked horrible.

    Can anyone suggest anywhere else I can get patterns of a similar style and topic?

    Here's the ones I've done already...