January 28, 2012

January Stitchalong: hang it up and enjoy!


Can it be? We've finally arrived at week 4 of the January Stitchalong, and we're done! Or at least, I'm done - last week I walked you through possibilities for covering the backs of your letters and hanging them.

I chose to go with little felt loops that I secured with a tiny little x-stitch:
finished felt loops for hanging

Here's some more:
close up of the finished letters

As for "new" - I dangled those letters with white perle embroidery thread from the top row of letters:
dangly letters

I used thin white ribbon to hang them, and tied them onto simple tacks:
tacks and ribbon: quick and easy hanging

Just 4 tacks, some ribbon, and some wallspace, and we're done!
from a distance

On to your projects!

It looks like Aimee finished her family sampler using couched letters:

Isn't it nice? Gorgeous work! :)

Kleas gave us a tantalizing preview of some of her couching - knowing her - it's going to be great!

And here's a cute peppermint-looking design by sisbabestitches:

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the January Stitchalong! If you'd still like to give it a try, remember you can always join in - here's the free template - just add your pics to the pool and tag them "JanStitchalong".

Here's a list of the previous weeks:
Week 1: Pattern
Week 2: Couching 101
Week 3: Covering the backs and hanging

Is there anything you'd like to see in this year's stitchalongs? I'd love to hear it! :)


  1. I love the way you couched those letters. What a great idea. I remember seeing your first post about how to do it and now seeing all these pics makes me want to start a project and try it! Thanks for the great idea!!

  2. This was such a delightfully fun stitchalong ~ thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Love ut. Cannot wait until mittten, hat and hand warmer season is over so I can drag out my linen and DMC scraps! Nothing like stumbling on a great blog to keep the fires of insparation going :}