September 2, 2012

August Stitch Along 2012 round up

Left to right, top to bottom

  1. August stitch along 2012: the sisters by daisyeyes
  2. Passionfruit posing by LaWhimsy
  3. Little lemon slice by me
A big thank you to all those who stitched along with us on the August 2012 stitch along, it was fantastic seeing all the different ways the pattern could be interpreted. 

Don't forget you can still find this fantastic pattern by Cate Anevski here.


  1. They look lovely! Gutted I didn't have time to do this.

  2. Everyone had such darling takes on this pattern and I know I had a blast with it!

  3. Loved doing mine. Thanks for the stitch along, I had fun and look forward to the next one! (When do you normally post them?)