September 6, 2012

Back to school

Olá! In the next two weeks children will be back to school here in Portugal, after summer break. I'm reminded of those times when I was young (well, I like to believe I'm still young...) and one of the great things about being back to school was that special feeling of writing on the first page of a new notebook. Do you remember that? The first page seems to be made of a different kind of paper...

I loved to make my notebooks unique since I was a young girl. I enjoyed thinking: "my notebook is not like yours..." But I was no longer at school when I started embroidering notebooks. Today I'll show you some of those notebooks, hoping they can inspire you and your kids to make your own!!

This was my first embroidered notebook. There I wrote down my first orders, the first supplies I bought... Good memories!!

Agulha não pica's notebook
My first embroidered notebook
This one also had a black cover and was embroidered using wool yarn as the first one.

Next agulha não pica's notebook
Using wool yarn on a black notebook...
Some time later I began doing them differently, using more detailed patterns and embroidering with a floss similar to pearl cotton. One of this days I'll show you how I do it!! It's very easy... This is the notebook I use every day now... It's like my right hand, it keeps me from forgetting everything I need in my business. I prefer it to a netbook!

Better than a netbook...
Probably somewhere beside me...
For those younger ones getting back to school here you have an idea to make their notebooks really unique. You'll have to use the technique of embroidering on card stock. The child will make a lacing card, perforating the card stock and then embroidering it using wool yarn. The notebook will look great and kids will be happy to say: "my notebook is not like yours"!

A lacing card that became a notebook cover
As we would say in Portuguese: "bonito e barato"... Beautiful and cheap...

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