November 27, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No. 31 with Maya Frost

How are you doing today? Here in the United States, it's the day after Thanksgiving, and is known as Black Friday, a day that retailers big and small offer up sales in order to get into the "black" (as opposed to being "in the red"). It's also a day to graze on the leftovers from Thanksgiving.


I have a special treat for you today by introducing you to Maya Frost. Maya is an ex-pat from Portland, Oregon, USA who now lives in Mexico. You can see the influences of Mexico in her work, most especially in the vibrant colors she uses.

Maya uses unique and different materials in her embroidery. Yes, in the first picture, Frida Kahlo is stitched on a tortilla with hair of beans - how clever!! IN the other pictures, Maya uses pieces of brown paper, canvas, and pieces of clear plastic in which to stitch on. She uses paint and floss together to create vibrant and unique pieces of art.

Image by @frost.maya

Image by @frost.maya (On canvas)

Image by @frost.maya (On a brown paper scrap)

Image by @frost.maya (On a clear plastic remnant)

Image by @frost.maya (On canvas)

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