November 23, 2015

MooshieStitch Monday: Needle Weaving Plaid

plaid embroidery

In my ongoing quest to find different needle weaving tips and techniques, I came across a post by the amazing Mary Corbet on the Common Thread blog.

In this post, Mary shares tips on how to add texture and patterns to your needle weaving. What caught my eye was the technique to create a plaid-like pattern.

So, I decided to give it a try by needle weaving a red plaid - because it's the fall season and red plaid reminds me of cozy flannel shirts.

plaid embroidery

For my plaid pattern, I stitched 2 rows red, 1 row black, 1 row white, and repeat.

DMC Floss used:
  • Red #817
  • Black #310
  • White ECRU

I chose a circle because originally I was going to put the finished work in a small round frame I have for an ornament (more on that later). So I traced the frame - which is a 3 inch diameter circle.

Here are the finished vertical stitches (warp threads).

needle weaving plaid

Now time to weave my horizontal stitches (weft threads).

plaid embroidery

plaid embroidery

I weaved over and under each vertical stitch - but I wasn't perfect. I sometimes missed a row or weaved over/under two rows by accident. But it doesn't seem too noticeable...

plaid embroidery

needle weaving plaid

What do you think? Does it look plaid to you!?!

I didn't like how it looked in the round ornament frame - it didn't quite fit right either - so I think I will keep it in a small hoop.

needle weaving plaid embroidery

plaid embroidery needle weaving

needle weaving plaid

Overall, I like how the plaid pattern looks. This is my first needle weaving using multiple colors and I will definitely keep experimenting.

Seriously, check out this needle weaving post by Mary Corbet to see her step-by-step tutorial and her awesome needle weaving sampler.

See you next time!

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