October 31, 2007

It's Halloween!

Thanks to everyone who completed Feeling Stitchy's first ever Halloween Challenge! Here are a few pics of the many Halloween Stitcheries we saw in the pool (along with My Little Mochi's adorable Bear-o-lantern, front and center). Happy Halloween everybody!

center: 1. Bear-o'-lantern
top, left to right:
2. prototypes
3. Crayon Jack
4. Owl Pin
5. Zombie Dice Bag Brain
middle row, left to right:
6. slightly wobbly
7. spookiii
bottom row, left to right:
8. Candy Corn Biscornu
9. Patch Ornament and Pin

October 30, 2007

Boo! ha ha ha

It's moments away from halloween here in Australia. There's some more scary halloween stitching being posted in the Flickr pool, so if you're too scared to go and have a look, just take a peak here.

This very scary black cat and white ghost have been posted by I am Susie. The black cat looks like a zombie with red eyes!

Pipstitch has been busy this halloween, with some really cute - I mean spooky - stitching. This cute little hanging ornament is just one thing she has posted.

How frightful is this 'drunk on ze blooood' bat stiched by Mooshee (drawn by her hubby)? I lerv it.

Binah06 is busy as well. Not only is she working on this cottage, she has a very cool halloween picture with crewel embroidery in her flickr photostream too. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished projects!

There's still time to post to the pool with your halloween embroidery projects, so please share your work!

Happy Halloween everyone! Anyone with left over chocolate can post it to me. We don't do the trick or treating thing much here in Australia, so there's no extra chocolate in my house. ;-(

October 25, 2007

Free pattern: Spooky Halloween Owl

Spooky Halloween Owl little owlet
free pattern, click to see larger size and print!

Make your own tiny owl before Halloween with this free pattern from me, floresita. All you need is felt, embroidery floss, stuffing, and 10-15 minutes to sew it all together. Or, if you're pressed for time and cant do the sewing, whip out some scissors and paper, like Raesha did. Imagine how cute a whole row of owls would look hanging on a string over the door...

Watch this clip for directions on how to put it together, made by, um, someone you might recognize... :)

October 18, 2007

Zombie Jitterbug Girl

jitterbug girlZombie Jitterbug Girl

I just couldn't not post this... Rachel was feeling pretty ghoulish and voila - the zombification of Jitterbug Girl. Read more about her fabulous Halloween-themed idea on her blog. Way to go Rachel, for making a creepy vintage transfer way creepier!

October 16, 2007

Halloween Stitchery in the pool

top, left to right:
1. Black Cat and Pumpkin by Frizz
2. Devil also by Frizz
3. Little Witch by allthestuffilike
4. Halloween Button by Cynrtst
bottom, left to right:
5. blckcatframed by Shartreuse
6. Skull slap bracelet by mirandategan
7. owl on a limb tee by thisvintagechica

You guys are really cranking out awesome Halloween Stitchery! Keep at it my friends, and keep tagging your pics "Halloween Stitchery" so we can find them...

October 10, 2007

showing off in the pool

There's a lot happening in the Flickr Embroidery Pool this week!

Buttons are popular at the moment - this little pumpkin button made by Cynrtst has got glow in the dark thread on the eyes and mouth.

Anuskaa is working on this project at the moment - if you follow her profile you can read about it on her blog. I just really liked this spiral. I hope you do too.

October 9, 2007

Interview with Amy - Feeling Stitchy blogger

Here's an interview with our interviewer, Amy. This talented lady blogs for Feeling Stitchy, maintains her own blog, crafts, and cares for her family...

1. You're taking a brief hiatus from blogging.... what's the biggest challenge in balancing blogging/ crafting / raising your daughter?

I would like to say “I am a Blogaholic.“ Seriously though, the challenge sometimes for me is focusing on the laundry, preparing the dinner. Especially when I am walking around the house cleaning and my sewing room looks so inviting, I guess anything does compared to a pile of laundry. Luckily my daughter enjoys watching me sew, I include her in my projects and she loves to feel involved. And I think it is good for Isabel to be around people that enjoy creating, I want her to see that and understand the importance of it. As far as blogging, I don’t think Isabel gets anything from watching me sit at the computer so I try to do that when she is at pre-school or in bed at night. I just have to keep in mind that I do have a day job and that is caring for my daughter so most crafting has to happen in the evenings.

2. Were you inspired to embroider? Or did you just start on your own?

My grandmother gave me some of her vintage linens that she had embroidered. I believe that started my love for embroidery. Then I came across the flickr embroidery group and was incredibly inspired...thank you, Floresita :) So I bought an embroidery kit that was great for beginners and have never looked back.

3. What do you find most inspiring about crafting?

Oh so many things! Over the past year it has been the online crafting community. How supportive everyone is and the feeling of comraderie. But overall, I think I am most inspired to craft or create because of the process, the action. I took my first art class years ago in college and discovered the “process.” Being so caught up in what you are doing, where you just lose yourself in the endeavor of creating. I would spend hours in the photo or pottery lab and all my worries and mental ramblings would cease. It really is therapy for me. So I was thrilled a few years ago when I put a thimble on my finger, picked up a needle, and got lost in craft as well.

4. Any favorite crafty background music, movies or TV shows?

I cannot watch any of my favorite TV programs while crafting, I miss half the show and end up rewinding (Tivo) every few seconds to see what I missed. I really like to listen to This American Life, however, while hand sewing. The show is so wonderfully produced; I am really moved by it.

5. Who inspires you?

People who have a passion for creating, who can’t live without it. There are pieces you come across and people you discover that are so amazing for their love of art/craft. These individuals inspire me and make me want to discover that part of myself that loves to use my hands and my creativity. People who push me to delve deeper inside the part of me that loves to construct.

6. Are you tidy or messy? :)

By nature, I am very tidy and chaos makes me nervous but because I have so many interests I seem to be pulling out books, fabric, whatever resource that I am currently interested in so I have a few stacks around my home. But one of my favorite shops is The Container Store, just give me a bin and a label maker...whew whoo! Yep, I’m a sicko ; )

7. If you had unlimited hours in a day, what would your day look like?

Wow! Where to begin... actually, start with a cup of coffee, then a run with my husband, and then a leisurely breakfast. I would love to have several uninterrupted hours of craft time and then spend the rest of the days outdoors with my family and friends, going to the beach, cooking out, playing Bocce in our yard. Then I would end it with a great movie on the couch with my husband, something outrageously funny, we love to laugh.

Amy's Favorite Projects

I made these for the Embroidered Button Swap. I really enjoy making these buttons and I have seen quite a few of them in the Japanese craft books, which I love. I am really attracted to the no fuss, simplicity of Japanese embroidery.

This character is from one of my favorite childhood books, Gypsy Girl. I love what she represents, her carefree attitude. Plus, flipping through this book takes me back to a time when I had a little more gypsy in me, I want to go there again.

This was one of my favorite projects to embroider because of the receiver. She requested a sassy cat and I love making this little girl happy.

_ _ _

Thank you Amy, for your time, and for all the great interviews and posts you've been doing for Feeling Stitchy. Hope your hiatus is very brief and we'll be seeing you back very soon! :)

October 6, 2007

Stitching paper

Today is World Card Making Day! My first love was card making. Here's how to join 2 of my favorite crafts.

Here's what you will need:

-something to write/draw with (in this case chalk
-largish needle
-smallish needle (I used a size 10)
Draw your image on the back of your cardstock.

With your needle poke holes following the outline of the image. On a small design I space the holes about 1/8" apart. If the holes are too close the paper/cardstock will tear during stitching. If you decide the holes are too close once you are done simply use every-other hole.

This is what the front will look like.

Make a large not at the end of the floss and begin stitching using the holes as your guide.

It's important to use the large needle to make the holes and then the smaller needle to stitch, because you will be making the holes bigger with the needle and thread. I generally do a back stitch or straight stitch.

When you are finished tie off your stitching as you normally would and adhere your handy work to a card.

October 5, 2007

deep dark scary pool

Don't go in the pool this month - unless you're into Halloween! We've caste a challenge on our members and there's some spooky halloween stitchery happening. I've done mine - but it's not in the pool this week. Here's some early posters.

She Brews is a very scary contributor with loads of halloween stitching to share. I love this stitched menu. Yummo...I'll be joining her for a bite after I finish this post.

Sunshine Creations has shared this cute little bullion stitched button. We don't see too much bullion stitch in the pool - do we?

Keep it up team! Before you know it, we'll be talking about trimming trees...