August 29, 2010

Patterns: Cuppy Cake

Another freebie cupcake pattern! What I like about this one is how joomoolynn has provided two versions of the pattern, one with and one without a face, which instantly made me think that could be the back of the cupcake, so I made a little cupcake plushie for one of my kid's teddy bears to eat!

August 25, 2010

Put yourself on the map

View Stitchers! in a larger map

Hey! If you are all stitchy why not add yourself to this map set up by GiddyGirlie? I am on there, are you? ;-)

August 22, 2010

Patterns: From the Depths

WIP "From the Depths" by Corvus Tristis

Today's featured pattern is a bit of an old one, but I hadn't seen it before until it popped up recently on Flickr as part of Giddy99's Duvet Project. I love how Giddy has added her own touch to the design with running stitch.

The picture sent me straight over to the Corvus Tristis blog, where as well as this amazing pattern, there are loads more, with quite a few of the patterns having a science theme.

I can't wait to see how Giddy progresses with this pattern and I can't wait to try a few of the Corvus Tristis patterns out myself!

August 20, 2010

L'enfer c'est les autres

The Words!

Oh where to begin to describe how much I love this embroidery... I enjoy seeing photos of embroideries in progress and I have a soft spot for sampler pieces.  But the most awesome thing, I think, is the pretty embroidered lettering in combination with the bleak quote. This cross stitch sampler piece in it's first (fabulous!) stages is stitched by Robyn Enz. The famous quote is from a play by Sartre and usually translates as "Hell is other People". In later stages Robyn added wasps and pretty flowers to the borders. If you feel inspired to make your own sampler piece, Robyn has shared some of her resources with me. Find them here and here.

August 15, 2010

Patterns: Made in France

Made in France shoes

This week's pattern review is of a book; Made in France by Agnes Delage-Calvet, Anne Sohier-Fournel, Muriel Brunet and Francoise Ritz.

Made in France: Cross-Stitch and Embroidery in Red, White and Blue is a treasure trove of small embroidery and cross stitch motifs in red, white and blue. It is beautifully photographed with lots of ideas on how to use the motifs but other than a brief how-to at the beginning of the book, it assumes that you have the knowledge to get the motifs on there yourself, although as most of the projects are simple it should be fairly easy to work out yourself. The book really demonstrates the beauty of stitching with just one colour.

The book is divided into three sections, each devoted to a single colour. There are lots of cute patterns for embellishing clothing and home accessories, with quite a few patterns perfect for decorating items for children or, thinking ahead, creating Christmas decorations.

My favourite patterns are the little birds that can be found in the blue section, there is a whole flock of them but I had to narrow them down to do the shoe project featured within the book. Although I have already found I'm beginning to embroider little birds everywhere, so these guys will feature on more than just my shoes!

August 13, 2010

First time embroiderers

first attempt at embroidery...
By Skinnychiquita

By Murdercityleah

By Jenny Hislop

These are just three recent examples of work made by newbies in the Flickr Embroidery Group. So much talent here. Please give them some love (or at least a friendly comment) and encouragement if you stumble upon photos from newbies, especially if they have done such great work! :)

August 8, 2010


Bigfoot Embroidery Sampler Pattern

Bigfoot embroidery sampler stitched by Karina Ascencio

I have a real weakness for buying embroidery patterns but my hard drive is so full of them, ones that I don't even remotely yet have time to stitch, that I've had to control myself, so it is always a pleasure when I see someone else stitching up a pattern I've been eyeing up myself. I think of it as the embroidery equivalent of window shopping! So I was really pleased to see Badbird's Bigfoot embroidery sampler stitched up by Karina Ascencio recently, although it does make me even more tempted to buy this pattern now!

August 6, 2010


hexie panda
Stitched by { nova }

All I can say is eeeeeeeeeep. This is some serious cuteness, here.

August 5, 2010

Parisienne girl

parisienne girl
Stitched by glassmountain

Lovely blues and muted tones in this, no? Wonderful, glassmountain!

Melting Mickey


Stitched by Sailormouth

I love everything that Sailormouth makes, so it's no surprise that his latest piece blew me away. Quirky, totally unique, and awesome - as usual!

See more stitchy goodness here, or buy patterns he designed here.

August 3, 2010


Cate Anevski Face Embroideries

I am a huge fan of artist Cate Anevski (blog, Flickr, Etsy) and couldn't help but make a mosaic of her fantastic "facebroideries". This just makes me happy.

August 1, 2010

Temari Thread Balls

Going all over the etsy-place a few weeks ago favoriting this and favoriting that, I discovered (meaning: heard about for the first time) temari thread balls. And all because they were being brilliantly offered by Julie and Co.

Edited: to add that Julie is offering Free Shipping for Feeling Stitchy readers, so go on and get yourself some of her beautiful work! -Carina

Patterns: Sunburst Lion

Lion close up

When I saw Cate Anevski's free Sunburst Lion pattern, over on her blog Bee's Knees Activities (scroll down to June), I just had to stitch it. All that running stitch creates a wonderful visual and textural effect. This pattern reminds me of retro children's illustrations and could be used in so many ways. I used my finished piece to make an oversized tote (just perfect for carting large packets of nappies from the shops) and it is now my new favourite bag.