December 31, 2011

January Stitchalong!

Hey guys! It's floresita here, with the last post of the year and our first stitchalong of next year! I was up at the crack of dawn a few days ago, couldn't sleep, and instead started to brainstorm a felt banner idea for the new year. I was thinking of new year's resolutions, and mine just happened to be - try something new every month. What haven't I tried yet? Couching!


Using my own cursive, some yarn, and embroidery floss, I decided to give couching a try for the first time. If you, like me, have never tried couching before, this is a perfect simple project to try it out with!

Here's a nice video tutorial by Mary Corbet on couching:

And here's a very nicely photographed tutorial by Sarah Whittle:

If you'd like to join in this stitchalong, everything you need is pictured up above - a pen or pencil, scissors, pinking shears (if you want a decorative edge on your felt), embroidery floss, yarn, and felt.

I made a pattern file with the template pieces and a nice cursive alphabet called Handsome (if you don't trust your own handwriting). :) Get the free pattern.

template pieces for banner
Your finished banner can be a new year's banner, or maybe a Happy Birthday banner - with the letters in the pattern file, it can say anything you want. All you need to do to join in is add your picture to the embroidery pool and tag it "JanStitchalong"!

You don't have to wait until you're finished - we love seeing in-progress projects (check out my progress, below)


I'll be back to check in later this week with my progress and a walkthrough of my first try at couching. In the meantime, why don't you line up some colors and materials, feel free to ask any questions here, and let's get stitching! Although, depending on how many spots I hit this evening I may not get to your questions right away tomorrow... ;) Hope you guys have a great time tonight and have lots of fun with this! :)

December 30, 2011

Too wit to woo

I think my stitchy resolution for 2012 might be 'stitch something neat on a doily'. I just love this 'Too wit to woo' piece by Kate Elisabeth Rolison (aka Poesie Grenadine). Kate stitches modern poetry on vintage linens. Read more about it on her blog

Do you have any 'stitchy' resolutions for the new year? Are you finally going to try and master the French Knot maybe? Or participate in an embroidery contest? Embroider more (and spend less time at the computer)? Leave your resolution here in the comments, post your photos in the Embroidery Pool with #NYR2012 and maybe you will be featured on Feeling Stitchy

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year! 

December 25, 2011

Patterns: Some Favourites of 2011

Some favourite embroidery patterns of 2011

From left to right, top to bottom
1. Coming Home from Studio MME
6. embroidered button display hoop adapted by doe-c-doe from an original design by Haylie Waring

2011 has been a fantastic year for embroidery patterns and here are but a few of the fantastic patterns that have appeared. Here's looking forward to a fantastic stitching year in 2012!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Feeling Stitchy!

December 24, 2011

You Better Not Pout, You Better Not Cry

It might be a little to late to get on Santa's nice list, but everyone is a good boy or girl according to Panta. Over on Craftster, Limeriot stitched up a cute Panta for the holidays. I love the candy cane bamboo. Her piece was the featured project for December and it is fab! Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2011

What do you do when you're upset?

Merry Christmas cross stitch
Stitched by Pam

Pam stitches. And I think you and me do the same thing, too. Just a little Christmas stitching to remind you that the things you make, even in the toughest times for you, can inspire other people with a little holiday cheer. So stop worrying about who you have and haven't shopped for, and maybe just take a moment to stitch something. I think you'll feel better. :)

p.s. - The cross stitch pattern Pam used comes from CrossStitcher magazine, issue 245.

If you can't find a copy where you are, it looks like digital issues are available for purchase on Zinio.

December 22, 2011

Free stitchable gift tags from Miniature Rhino

Doing some wrapping today? Here's some sweet gift tags from Jessica of Miniature Rhino. It's a perfect way to personalize a gift in just a few stitches. Get the pattern!

December 19, 2011

Cute ice skater embroidery tutorial

Milla and Snowman by revoluzzza

Check out this adorable tutorial for a patchwork table runner with embroidery by Revoluzzza! The tutorial is in German, but just about any browser these days has a "translate" button (I use Google Chrome). If you're not feeling patchwork-y, the circular shape of the pattern is perfect to frame in a hoop, and voila, you're done. Last minute Christmas present or decoration! :) Go to the tutorial!

p.s. Am I the only one that thinks it's super sweet that snowman is "schneemann" in German? ;)

December 18, 2011

Patterns: Dala Horse

Pangaloon has been busy making Christmas presents, one of them being the Dala Horse by Feeling Stitchy's very own Carina. Pangaloon found the pattern in this month's issue of Mollie Makes but you can also find it in Carina's store here.

December 16, 2011

'Tis the season...

1. The Mouse King Ornament, 2. hexagon christmas ornament tutorial, 3. Trio of felt portraits, 4. Tiny Snowman Ornament be stitching cute Christmas ornaments! Emily has made a lovely series of patterns inspired by the Nutcracker. You can find a tutorial for Nova's Hexagon ornaments on her blog. The sweet trio is stitched by Lisa from a book called Fa la la la Felt. And I don't know much about this tiny cross stitched snowman made by thehomebird except that I think he's extremely cute..

Happy Christmas Stitching everyone!

December 15, 2011

December Stitch Along

December stitch-along  For Mary

December stitch-along For Betsy

What a brilliant idea from Jodycourt! I love the use of burlap and ribbon on these adorable ornaments.These are for her granddaughters and I just know they will love them.

Have you started your December Stitch Along yet?

December 11, 2011

Patterns: Ed Hardy's Love Kills Slowly (plus a Christmas pattern link)

Ed Hardy's Gambling Man

Ed Hardy's Gambling Man - stitched by Rachael Lazenby

I am in even more awe than usual of this above piece, which is the Gambling Man from Ed Hardy's cross stitch book Love Kills Slowly and is stitched so ably by Rachael Lazenby, because I also have this book and have been about half way through one of the butterfly patterns in it for about a year and have been failing miserably at it. It's lovely to see a finished piece from it.

Love Kills Slowly is not a beginner's cross stitch book, the patterns are quite complex and no matter what size the pattern is, each pattern is printed on on only one page of the book, so if it's a large pattern be prepared to squint. This is also not helped by the patterns being in black and white and some of the colour symbols are minuscule.

However, if you're prepared to grit your teeth a bit with the pattern pages, this book is a great source of some unusual patterns. If you're familiar with Ed Hardy's work you'll know what I'm talking about but if not be prepared for lots of tattoo inspired cross stitch, with lots of skulls, roses, daggers and butterflies. Love Kills Slowly would be a good book to find patterns to stitch for the teenager in your life (or for someone unhappy in love and wants to celebrate the fact in cross stitch!).


Not completely forgetting Christmas here, there's still time to stitch something, so for those looking for some Christmas pattern inspiration may I recommend this excellent guest post with a tutorial by Wendi Gratz and free embroidery patterns by Joel Henriques, on one of my favourite (normally non-embroidery but still crafty) blogs, Made By Joel.

December 7, 2011

Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo Ornament
Free ornament pattern by Mollie Johanson

How wonderful is this sweet little cuckoo clock ornament? Mollie is posting wonderful free Christmas ornament projects on her blog this month - they're quick, easy, and her tutorials are super detailed and a joy to look at.

Here are some more:
Zig Zag Ornament St Nicholas Ornament ornamented dala

These are all great options if you want to do some holiday stitching but don't have a ton of time or materials. They'd also be great projects to teach some beginners in your family...

December Stitch Along

I can't believe December is already here and the holidays are coming up fast. I'm not ready! This month's stitch along is all about ornaments. I love homemade ornaments and stitchy ones are even better. I am a sucker for the vintage holiday images and between Floresita and myself, we have managed to compile a few of our favorite vintage images for the stitch along. The great thing about these images is that you don't have to use them just to decorate for the holidays, you can leave them up all year long to remind you of that special time of year.

Xmas patterns
Xmas patterns

Christmas 4

Don't forget to post your progress in the embroidery group on flickr and label it December Stitch Along.

December 5, 2011

Feeling Artistic?

Home Sweet Home
Thank you AlwaysInspired

Have you just been dying to take the next step and put a piece of your awesome stitching into a show? The wonderful and talented lady over Schindermania is curating a show the summer entitled Home is Where the Needle Marks. You can find out all the details over at her website. Don't be shy, get to stitching and enter an amazing stitchy piece!

December 4, 2011

Patterns: Cute

cute - tagged baby blanket
Cute - tagged baby blanket by Stitchalicious

Any little person under this baby blanket is going to be one seriously funky little person. This was stitched up by Stitchalicious aka Jacinta Lodge, you can read more about it on her blog or find the cross stitch pattern in her Etsy shop here.

December 2, 2011

Stitch your own handwriting

Have you ever tried to stitch your own hand writing? Seems to me it's the perfect way to add a personal touch to your piece. Dana of Water Penny has a tutorial on her blog on how to transfer your handwriting to fabric.

And if you are a fan of stitched lettering, quotes, alphabet samplers etc. be sure to check out my Stitched Lettering group on Flickr!

November 27, 2011

Patterns: Whistle While You Work


This week's pattern is from the September 2011 issue of the CrossStitcher magazine. The CrossStitcher magazine is one of my favourite crafty magazines and I'd love to have the time to stitch up all their amazing designs. Pooka writes that this work-in-progress (which is for her Nana for Christmas - lucky Nana!) has taken more than 40 hours, wow!

You can find the CrossStitcher in newsagents in the UK or in online magazine places like Zinio, the latter being a great place for finding back issues or if you live outside the UK.

November 23, 2011

Covered in Stitches Winners!!!

We had lots and lots of votes in the past week for the Covered in Stitches nominees! Without further ado I would like to announce the winners.

With 18.9 % of the votes The Invisible Mountain by SpidersPaw wins the first prize.You will receive the current set of Penguin Threads classics offered by Penguin Books, a Party Fox Crewel Kit from Takofibers, a Matroushka floss organizer from Girl on the Rocks and a $15 voucher from Cate Anevski's shop. 

Contes des Mille et Une Nuits by Coeurdefreesia is runner up with  17.4 % of the votes. You will receive one book of your choice from the Penguin Threads classics, an owl floss organizer from Girl on the Rocks, a $15 voucher from Shiny Happy World and a $10 voucher from Cate Anevski's shop.

The third place goes to Lisa Leggett with her piece Wynken, Blynken and Nod. Her piece won 14.4% of the votes.You will receive one book of your choice from the Penguin Threads classics, an owl floss organizer from Girl on the Rocks and a $10 voucher from Shiny Happy World.

Congratulations to all the winners! Please send me an email at followthewhitebunny AT e-tropolis DOT nl  with your full name, home address and email address.

Many thanks to the sponsors who made it possible for us to treat the winners to some wonderful prizes. Please check out their shops and products. Thank you Feeling Stitchy readers for casting your vote for your favourite piece. And last but not least: thank you contestants.Your work made this a FABULOUS contest!

Fire place sampler

A night In

Now, this is my kind of cross stitch sampler! Love everything about it, the little scene, the colours.

And is it just me or is there something Matisse-esque to this?

November 20, 2011

Patterns: Nativity Set

Donkey by Rebecca Rendon

Now of course there are a lot of nativity embroidery patterns around at this time of year but I think my jaw dropped just a little at the sheer scale of Rebecca Rendon's nativity set from her new Etsy shop WholeLifeLovely. Consisting of 24 nativity pieces, both front and back, the lovely donkey above is but an example. Check out Rebecca's blog Beauty All Around for a tutorial on how to turn the embroideries into little stand up pieces.

November 19, 2011

Have you voted yet?

Don't get me wrong, we've had a lot of votes! Like A LOT a lot of votes, but I'm just curious if you have voted. All the entries are amazing and it's so hard to decide on just one!

I thought I'd share one last look at the Top 10, as we move into the last few days of voting...

Superman by Huzzah and Fancy Pants - detail
Can you believe this is their first embroidery project - wow!

Still Life With Woodpecker by cappywanna - detail
tom robbins embroidery
Wonderfully stitched and a hilarious novel, too. :)

French Revolutions by the Stitchsmith - detail
book cover
Intricate stitching - I can only imagine the hours that went into this piece!

The Great Gatsby by broderies de Cecile - detail
Great Gatsby 1
Vibrant blue fabric with letters and details stitched so carefully they look painted!

The Adventures of Tintin by wendalene - detail
Tintin Embroidery
Lots of bright chain stitch creatively accented with watercolor and color pencil.

Dune by funkembroidery - detail
Dune 1
Metallic thread, dense stitches, intricately layered strips of fabric. And - she hand-dyed the muslin... with spices.

Wynken, Blynken & Nod by Lisa Leggett - detail
Side by side
A whimsical, colorful piece with many different stitches, color tinting and applique sail.

No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Embellisher - detail
The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
Layers of fabrics, dense piles of colored stitches and - the croc is made of French knots, people.

The Invisible Mountain by SpidersPaw - detail
Invisible Mountain book cover (full)
A fascinating piece, painstakingly stitched, filled with movement and color.

Contes des Mille et Une Nuits by coeurdefreesia - detail
One Thousand and one Nights
Applique, sequins, beads, and many, many different stitches.

Yeah, try picking one of those. Sheesh this was hard! :) Still haven't voted? Vote here!

Who did you vote for, and why? Come on, you can tell us - who is your fave? :)

November 18, 2011

Bushy Tail

Admit it, you too want to touch that squirrel's bushy tail! Gorgeous stumpwork by Emily (aka Flossbox). She writes about the project here.

So when I think of stumpwork (which is essentially raised embroidery) I tend to think it's all beetles, flowers and forest critters. Nothing wrong with that of course (see our little bushy tailed friend above) but I was surprised to find a few very modern examples in our Embroidery Group as well. Like this Skeleton Fire-Banner by Childrenplayingwithfire and this Green Man by Rebbeca Ray. And let's not forget the KISS piece by Drop Dead Quirky! These pieces certainly make me want to attempt to create a stumpwork piece too!

November 15, 2011

Covered in Stitches Contest: vote for your favourite!

The Feeling Stitchy team had the incredibly hard task to select 10 embroideries entered for the Covered in Stitches Contest, for the public vote. Yes, it's now up to you, dear Feeling Stitchy readers, to choose your favourite Embroidered Book Cover!

Please click here to vote until the 22nd of November 12 pm CST. Please vote only once. Any duplicate entries will be disqualified.

But let's first meet the nominees (in no particular order) and find out what the judges had to say about the pieces in their reports!

The Great Gatsby  by Broderies de Cecile "Love the eyes and lettering, so clean"

Superman by Huzzah and Fancy Pants "The lettering is perfect! Love the satin stitch"

Wynken, Blynken & Nod by Lisa Leggett  "Brilliant stitching, shading and applique, you can feel the movement in this, it's got everything."

The Adventures of Tin Tin by Wendalene "I had to look closely at this one to see if it wasn't some kind of printed on fabric it looks that accurate, but nope, all stitching and shading, fantastic."

Dune by Funkembroidery  "Muslin hand-dyed with kitchen spices? How awesome is that!"

Still Life with Woodpecker by Cappywanna "Brilliant choice of book cover, perfectly executed."

The Invisible Mountain by SpidersPaw "The creative use of fill stitching on this piece is mind blowing."

No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Embellisher "Fantastic recreation of the cover, yet with the stitching it somehow manages to look even better than the original, I love how textured it looks"

French Revolutions by the Stitchsmith "I like the different stitches used. Especially the little 'airflow' details on some of the letters."

Conte des Mille et Une Nuits by Coeurdefreesia  "The face and the colors are wonderful, love the metallics"

Again, we were quite overwhelmed by the many great entries for this contest. We loved that many of you used techniques like fabric dying, tinting and appliqué to create the finished book cover. Another highlight was the crazy amount of fill stitching on many of the embroidered book covers! It was also lovely to see a couple of first time embroiderers among the contestants (and even making the final 10!).

Now go on, vote for your favourite!

November 14, 2011

It's the eyes

Totoro Cross Stitch, originally uploaded by Aleximo.
At least I think it's the eyes that makes this so super cute!

It's a character called Totoro from Japanese anime film My Neighbour Totoro.

November 13, 2011

Patterns: ~glenda's Christmas stitching

~glenda's Christmas decorations

Holiday Penguin - free pattern by Badbird
Singing girl with bird (I unfortunately can't find the link to this pattern)

~glenda has stitched up these beautiful ornaments up as part of the Bastrop (Texas) Wildfire relief effort, replacing Christmas decorations for those that lost their homes in the fire this summer. Click on the links above to take you to bigger versions of the embroideries or to go to the pattern source. Go here for a great photo tutorial on how ~glenda made the embroideries into ornaments.