March 24, 2008

Etsy store of the week - Quiltie

A new item here at Feeling Stitchy is the shop of week. Each Monday I will feature an Etsy shop that sells items related to embroidery.

Our first featured shop is Quilties, Handmade little quilts and quilted things. Quilting and embroidery are 2 of my favorite things! And she's a fellow Iowan!

So just what is a quiltie? From Quilties' shop profile:

A Quiltie is...
A warm and wonderful little bit of a quilt to decorate your home.
A sweet little token of affection.
A soft piece of art.
A quilt + an embroidery.
An affectionate term my son coined for what mommy was making.

The owner of Quilties is a self-titled artist, graphic designer, illustrator, quilter and crafter of many things.


  1. Love this!! So simple!

  2. I love that little desing. I'll continue to check in on your recommendations!

  3. So glad to find out you are from Iowa. I'll add you to my All things Iowa bloglist! And I very much adore the idea of featuring Etsy sites. New ideas, new blogs. I'm loving this!

  4. Yeah! I am happy you are featuring Etsy seller who do embroidery. Needle arts tend to get lost in the shuffle and there are some amazing artists out there.

  5. I love your informative and fun!! Thanks for sharing your talents along with your knowledge!!

  6. This embroidery is so simple and beautiful!!! It´s cozy and quiet... makes me feel good (and dying to embroider some little red houses too...)!!!

  7. I´m so HAPPY!!! I´ve done my first red work, totally inpired by this post and this pretty little house! Now I´m addicted to embroyder with just one color! I´m working on the "gnome green work"... pattern also taken from Feeling Stichy!