May 8, 2011

Patterns: Sew Liberated Woodland Clock

Woodland Clock {finally finished}

Woodland clock stitched by StitchedInColor

I thought I'd highlight a pattern from the lovely Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee today. I have this book and I don't think there's a project in it that isn't on my to-do list but the woodland clock is definitely right at the top of the list, so it was lovely to see the completed project, stitched by StitchedInColor pop up in the Embroidery Flickr pool. For those with the book and like me, thinking of doing this project, head over to the Stitched In Color blog for some handy hints about completing the clock.


  1. Oooh pretty! This book is going on my wishlist!

  2. Very cute project and I think quite easy ... I may try one for my daughter's room
    I am sure you will be glad if you come to me at

  3. What a whimsical clock ~ I love it ;)

  4. I love clocks - even though I am always late! This is simply beautiful!

  5. Thank you for reminding me of this clock. I bought this book awhile back and LOVED this clock! I need to get started on this soon, perhaps a Christmas present for someone :)