November 6, 2011

Patterns: Studio M.M.E Illustrations

Embroidery patterns and stitching by Studio M.M.E

I was browsing the embroidery patterns on Etsy, which is a bit of a hobby of mine, and to be honest I normally recognise most of the patterns on there or at least the designer, so it's a rare treat for me to see something new and to be totally blown away by it. And I was totally blown away by the embroidery patterns of Studio M.M.E Illustrations, an Etsy store that principally sells some absolutely beautiful prints. Luckily for us embroiderers, Megan from Studio M.M.E has now also converted some of her illustrations into embroidery patterns. Billed as embroidery patterns for experienced sewers, I think it's great to have patterns available that are a little more of a challenge. However Megan herself taught herself to embroider over 2 months in order to create these patterns, so I think they're probably actually doable by most embroiderers, that extra effort would be worth it to have such a fantastic final piece. So I definitely recommend checking out the link above so that you can read more of the story behind each piece.

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  1. I do love the kitty ~ Mewoby Dick and the girl with the antlers (tho I didn't see her pattern ~ darn). Thanks so much for posting all the things you do. I've been really inspired to embroider again.

  2. I LOVE these patterns! I won one from MrXStitch and it is really well written and there are lots of suggestions... in addition to being fabulous images,

  3. Fabulous patterns :)