April 5, 2016

Stitchy Snippets - Needle Lace Sculpture

Floating, intricate, lace sculptures cast vast shadows which expand across the wall. Dorie Millerson first developed this inventive technique and approach to sculpture some ten years ago. Millerson works predominantly in needle lace forming her pieces one loop at a time thus creating chains of thread and fibre to build the detailed structures.

The practice of creating the sculptures from needlelace often influences the subjects of Millerson's collections such as attachments and connections between people and places.

These themes are reflected in her choice of medium; creating links in thread and through the 'making' one experiences a journey. Millerson explains "The thread, as it loop by loop creates a bigger piece is a bit like the experience of travelling and the experience of remembering visiting a place. I often look at themes like memory or travel or relationships with people in the past in my work."

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