March 29, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #32: Threadfolk

Be Kind Embroidery Pattern by Threadfolk on Etsy

How beautiful are the colors and textures in this gorgeous negative space embroidery pattern by Threadfolk on Etsy? This gorgeous design, designed by Lauren Merrick and stitched by Threadfolk is part of an artist series of patterns in her shop.

I feel like this is the perfect message for today, and describes exactly where I am. We are all dealing with a fair amount of negative space in our world, and this is the mantra I feel we need to come back to, again and again. We are continually dealing with people of all kinds, people with different views from our own - and when we interact with others, I feel very strongly that it is kindness that makes the difference. You may never be able to change another person's point of view, but when that person is part of your family, or part of your world, what can you do with them? I think, you can be kind to them.

I'm so glad our stitching community is so warm and welcoming and I hope that it will always stay that way. We may come from every point in the ideological spectrum, but we all find a comfort and source of inspiration in stitching and in each other. Living in community with each other is never easy. But even if it isn't easy, we can always be kind.

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