What's a stitchalong? Basically, it's just an opportunity for all of us to stitch the same pattern or idea together, and share our work - and it's pretty fun! Here's a list of our previous stitchalongs - don't worry - it's never really too late to join in!


Feeling Stitchy January Stitchalong pattern
January | projects
Wanna try couching? And no, we're not referring to hanging out on the couch. But hey, you can probably learn this stitch while you're on the couch... Multi-task and learn a new stitch to start off the new year! read more

February Stitchalong on Feeling Stitchy!
February | projects
Time to use that couching stitch! Guest blogger Camilla shows us a wire embroidery project that is quick and beautiful... read more

March Stitchalong: Happy Birthday, Feeling Stitchy
March | projects
Happy Birthday, Feeling Stitchy! In honor of our birthday, Mollie Johanson created a free pattern for this month's stitch along. read more

April Stitchalong

April | projects
Pull out your felt and fabric to stitchalong a Monster cupcake by Love and a Sandwich! read more

May Stitchalong
May | projects
A Little Curtsy - John shares an original embroidery pattern by isewcute - embroider up this ultra-sweet girl for May! read more

June | projects
Our talented artist friend Corvus Tristis drew up a pattern for our first-ever Reader's Choice Stitchalong: a gorgeous Narwhal with tattoo script! read more

Flowers for Feeling Stitchy Stitch Along
July | projects
This month's stitchalong is all about summer and the joys it brings... of course in typical Pam style... vintage patterns! read more

August | projects
Enjoy this cool lemon slice pattern by Cate Anevski. Don't you think it's just perfect for stitching up in this hot weather, with a glass of ice cold something with a slice of lemon by your side? read more

October | projects
It's October Stitch Along time and of course it has to be a Halloween pattern! This year we've got a brilliant pattern from Bridgeen from Cherry and Cinnamon, thank you Bridgeen! read more


Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas 4 Xmas patterns Xmas patterns
December | projects
This month's stitch along is all about ornaments. I love homemade ornaments and stitchy ones are even better. I am a sucker for the vintage holiday images and between Floresita and myself, we have managed to compile a few of our favorite vintage images for the stitch along. read more

Feeling Stitchy September Stitch-along Pattern

September | projects
This month's free stitchalong pattern should help get us all into the spooky spirit. Hallowe'en Trio, was designed by the talented Cathy Gaubert. read more

Feeling Stitchy stitch-along progress
August | projects
Due to John's undying love of fabric, he takes the stitchalong in a new direction this month. John leads us in a month of embellishing patterned fabric with floss and stitches. read more


July | projects
Ready for July's Stitchalong? Love gnomes? Then this one's for you! And even if you don't like gnomes so much, maybe this guy will persuade you! read more

Free pattern - Parterre du Feu
June | projects
There are so many stitchalongs and free patterns out there, this month I thought we'd let you find the free pattern of your choice, stitch it up, and add it to the pool. read more

May Stitchalong pattern!
May | projects
This month's pattern was brought to us by the super-talented Cate Anevski - we're so honored that she created something special for Feeling Stitchy readers! read more

Feeling Stitchy Stitch Along April pattern
April | projects
Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers. What better way to celebrate spring and the rainy season for some than with this wonderful stitch along pattern from Digital Misfit. read more

March Stitch Along for Feeling Stitchy
March | projects
We've been big fans of Corvus Tristis' work, so we were very excited when she kindly offered to design a free pattern for Feeling Stitchy and we were even more excited when we saw what it was! read more

dainty flower

February | projects
Hi guys! Are you ready for our first stitchalong ever? Now for those of you who don't know what to expect, don't worry! The truth is, I've never done a stitchalong, either, so I'm just making this up as I go along. :) read more