July 4, 2007

embroidery pool-ness

I've been on holidays for over a month now and glad to be back. I haven't updated my own blog yet - maybe soon... no promises. I've been keeping up to date with the fun stuff happening in the Flickr Embroidery Pool and noticed that I've been drawn to some simple designs embroidered onto natural linens. Mmm linen.

First up - a detail from a gorgeous bag made by Moline from Mexico (I want to go to Mexico!). The full bag and the making of it is also featured in Yvonne's stream.

How cute is this book cover by rosaechocolat from Portugal? (another place I really want to go). There are more photos in her stream showing the work in progress.

Hmm. Obviously a month in Turkey has only fueled my travel bug. Too many countries, not enough salary...
Til next week.


  1. WOW thank you! I am flattered!
    You have been to Turkey? I lived in Istanbul for 5 years - the best five years i had so far!!!
    Thanks for blogging me! this is a ovely blog!

  2. Thanks Yvonne. Yes, I just came back from Turkey and LOVED it.

  3. Thanks Sally!
    and again for your lovely comments and also for blogging me.
    I hope you have enjoy your vacations, my vacations is still to come. well we must wait!!
    thank you!!