September 27, 2007

Halloween Challenge

Autumn is here, September is already ending, but the best is yet to come...October! Feeling Stitchy is now beginning a monthly theme or challenge for all stitchers interested. I guess you probably know what this first embroidery challenge is, yes Halloween!

The rules are simple:
1. Stitch on any item you want: t-shirt, pincushion, wall hanging, candy bag. Just stitch a Halloween design.
2. Post a picture of your work at the flickr embroidery group with a statement about your piece, possibly even where you found the pattern.
3. Tag your photo "Halloween Stitchery" so that Feeling Stitchy can highlight some of the work.
4. Have fun!

The Halloween pattern, pictured above, was provided by Emily - visit her blog if you want a PDF version. Thanks Emily, way to get the ball rolling!

Here is a mosaic full of inspiration. It is already posted at the flickr embroidery group and you can find out who created these great pieces.

Happy Spooky Stitching! (for lack of a better line : )


  1. Yay! Let the spooky stitching begin!!! :)

  2. i'm so excited! i just put down what i'm working on right now...the first of a long list of halloween stitching projects (only to make pb+j sandwiches and to check flickr!). i can't wait to post completed pictures to add to the group and to see what other halloweenie stitchings others are working on, too.

  3. I was thinking of stitching up that witch when I saw her earlier this week. I can not wait to get started.

  4. Wow, thanks for featuring one of my pieces! I stitched "Fright Night" in the upper left corner of the mosaic :)

  5. hmmm... I'd like to think of an interesting way to interpret this project... I've never participated in a group challenge before!

  6. Thanks for posting my design! A Halloween challenge is a great idea! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!! :)

  7. what beautiful inspiration pics! Don't you just love Fall!?!

  8. Wow, perfect timing! I have a whole set of Halloween towels ready to stitch, and I need a break from the pillowcases I am doing for my Mom : )