December 3, 2007

things that make me happy...

I'm back from vacation, and all the gray, drippy, icy weather in the world can't distract me from the cuteness I found in the pool! So here, in no particular order, are things that make me feel happy when it's cold outside:

wearing fluffy red scarves:
snowflake scarf

that soon, it will be 2008:
order 1

vintage cards like this one:
girl and flowers

mittens, especially, mini mittens:
Mini Mitten Magnets

Today's holiday happiness was made possible by the following Flickr embroiderers:
Merwing's scarf (be sure to visit her shop and read her book)
nanceejoo's tea towel
drewzel's card-inspired embroidery
sewcrewel's mittens


  1. So many wonderful contributions to what makes you happy,and me too. The mini mittens areespecially cute.

  2. Was a nice birthday surprise to find my stitching here! Thank you!