January 12, 2008

Embroidery blanks for baby

I've been on the hunt for infant-sized embroidery blanks. Have you tried to find plain onesies and t-shirts in stores? Most have already been embellished. I ordered from 2 sites last week and the service with both was excellent. I ordered Monday and had both orders by Friday.

I ordered shirts and diaper covers from Dharma Trading Co. The downside for me is that Dharma only sells white items. They sell dyes, but that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me. The shirts are Rabbit Skins and are very soft. Dharma's prices are very reasonable and they offer a discount if you order at least 12 items (any combination of 12).

I ordered rompers and dresses with panties from Embellishments. Again, great service and nice quality. A little pricier, but many colors to choose from.
Do you have a favorite source for embroidery blanks?


  1. I found some plain onesies by Gerber at Target this summer. You're right, though, most are already embellished in some way. The Gerber onesies come in packages of six, I believe.

  2. I like American Apparel's stuff. They have some cute colors, etc. They are a bit pricey, but good quality and sweatshop free.


  3. As another poster mentioned, you should be able to find packages of Gerber and other brand onesies at most stores, they are plain white and a package of 5 or 6 costs 9.99. They aren't with the regular clothes, they are in the aisle with stuff like socks, booties and other packaged baby items. Target also sells plain t-shirts in a variety of colors under the Circo name (which I think is their own brand) they are generall 3.99 or 4.99 each for the little kid sizes.

  4. I'm cheap. I like to go to Children's Orchard resale shop and buy blank onesies there.

  5. I really like Old Navy for unique blanks. They usually have a surprising selection of non-embellished, stylish stuff. They have packaged long sleeved onesies too, sometimes in colors even!

    Carters has good white onesies available in 5 packs. They have a t-shirt type edge on the sleeves, rather than the serged/overstitched edge like you find on "undershirt" onesies. I usually find those in Sears or Toys R Us.

  6. I have been having that problem too, but then I stumbled upon this site www.daydreamers.com while I was surfing and found that they have a lil' bit more then the average baby stuff thats out there right now and the prices are pretty good. I ordered a blank onesie and a robe and they came quick and were pretty good quality.

  7. Really very nice post, I like American Apparel's stuff. They have some cute colors, etc.thanks