February 21, 2008

a preponderance of gnomes

from Sewsew-a-Gogo
free gnome pattern by Andrea Zuill available here

Do you ever wonder what starts a worldwide cultural trend? I do, and often - for instance, what's up with all the adorable gnomes?

Was it Amelie's charming gnome that started this whole deal? (Although I could have sworn I'd seen a travelling garden gnome before that....) Or was it the cute, perky, and occasionally annoying Travelocity gnome? I just need to know, do you guys know?

Inspiration notwithstanding, in the Flickr Embroidery pool, gnomes are here to stay:
Gnome scarf
Gnome gnome

Gnomes courtesy of merwing, my paper crane, oipom, and krakencrafts

Longing for a gnome of your own?
  • Try the Sublime Stitching Gnomes and Fairies patterns:
  • Or, stitch up Hillary Lang's Mr and Mrs Gnome PDF pattern:
  • Or, for zero moolah - embroider this cute gnome pattern, courtesy of Badbird (Andrea Zuill):
    Gnome Embroidery Pattern

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  1. Don't forget the gnomes in The Full Monty! :)

  2. They're amazing!
    Thanks for sharing - that's my Dad's birthday present sorted!!

  3. Beautiful! And yes, I think Amelié had something to do with it!

  4. I don't know why everyone is fascinated with gnomes but I am, too. Maybe it's the promise of happy magic implied; whatever the reason, I am appreciative of your links to celebrating gnomes. I need one, too.

  5. What gnome lovliness! Your blog is such a wonderful haven for beautiful and delightful stitches!

  6. these gnomes are cute, oh and you've been tagged, details on my blog. sorry i know you are prob super busy so i will not be offended or anythng at all if you choose to ignore this.

  7. Drats! I was too late to be part of the comment spree on your blog school. However, I really loved reading all the lessons. Thanks for putting that together. I love the gnomes here. I might have to embroider some while on a trip next week! -- Michele

  8. I don't know if you've ever seen it, but there was this great animated series called Home Movies. There's a garden gnome in every episode, just hanging out somewhere unexpected.