August 25, 2008

The Summer Craftster Challenge Winner

This summer on the needleworks board we had the Summer Sampler Challenge. There were so many AMAZING entries. I was totally blown away by everyone's talent. The votes are in and ZombieKilla's "Self Acceptance" won! It was such a wonderful message and some great stitching. Thanks to everyone who voted and participated in the challenge. You guys RAWK! Be on the lookout for the Fall Challenge coming in the next few weeks.

The Winner!

All of the entries. BE WARNED-Some are not suitable for work or children!
1. Take a breath, 2. Self Acceptance, 3. Taking back the domestic arts, 4. The Heavy 7, 5. Thomas Merton, 6. Those shoes are mine, 7. Tom Waits, 8. What's your damage, 9. officesampler, 10. Make Love, Not Warcraft, 11. King of the Zombies.Shaun of the Dead, 12. It's Sew Time, 13. Han Solo said it best, 14. Grandma Besty's Biscuits, 15. Flight of the Conchords, 16. Eat yer heart out, 17. Dumb and Dumber, 18. Dirty pillows, 19. Cold War, 20. Bloody Submission


  1. What a great sampler... I am waiting for the day when all of the skinny chicks want to be chubby!

  2. Great stuff!!! Love all the stitching. And love the theam. OMG self expression is so great. lol.

  3. omgosh, I'm blown away by the winner! outstanding!

  4. I love most entries and also like thw winning one, but I'm wondering - doesn't anybody remember that this was the exact slogan theBodyShop used about 10 years ago? The pic showed a chubby mannequin like doll. Or did they have that poster only in Europe/Germany?
    I guess it doesn't really matter so much, that it's copied, but it should be mentioned, I think...

  5. Iris I would just like to say that the idea for this WAS NOT copied from some slogan as you have assumed. I found the quote in a book called FastSO! and loved it. I have never even heard of the BodyShop. I'm not denying that they may have used the slogan, I have no clue on that front. And as for the rest of it, they are made up of different images I found on like and compiled into a sketch that I liked.

  6. Can you give me more information about the needlework board?

    Thanks =0)