December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Gingerbread Ornament
eensy-weensy gingerbread house by kikimonkey

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared their holiday traditions on our last post! I've decided not to close the thread like I originally planned - please keep contributing your traditions, (blog address optional) and commenters, please keep visiting bloggers who have already commented. If you're curious, my holiday traditions can be found on my blog. I'm so thankful for all of you - believe me when I say that your creativity continually inspires me and your generosity blows me away. I wish you all the best this season!

FYI: Comment Spam Alert: I'm assuming these comment spammers are human because they enter in the "captcha" phrase and have Google/blogger accounts and "blogs." One "blog" is just a collection of links that hawk car insurance - (Susan). Sometimes they go out of their way to say something that seems related to your post, then throw in an unrelated link to a site. They get what they want when you click the link: every click increases their search engine ranking.

So FYI, if you see any odd or spammy comments that include a link, don't click on them!

Hi, I'm floresita, editor of Feeling Stitchy. I'm an avid stitcher, knitter, and crafter. You can see more of my stitching on Instagram and my blog. My vintage transfer collection is on Vintage Transfer Finds.

Feel free to email me with any ideas for the blog!


  1. Captcha is no longer secure.
    Don't you love it though, when it almost makes a word?

  2. Hate spammers-love that tiny gingerbread house ornie!

  3. Oh! Susan's been my buddy lately, too... thanks for the tip, I've been clicking on the links just to make sure I don't make a mistake by deleting a comment, but now I'll just trust my instincts and not give them the clicks they want.

    Happy holidays!

  4. I've only had one spammer, it was all about viagra because you know that's exactly something I care about.

  5. Happy holidays, Floresita! I'm glad you like my little ornament :) Thanks for sharing it!

  6. oh my this is just toooo cute. thank you for the spam alert I had a lot about a month ago but thought it was over, obviously not!

  7. too bad we can't shrink the spammers into little houses like that one. of course that would become a trashy place too....they just ruin everything good don't they? merry christmas!