January 30, 2009

Have a Heart......will ya?

This I found on Betsyjean79's flickr.

I know that's Wisconsin talk.....my husband keeps reminding me, it's "you", not "ya", it's "yes" not "yup".......anyway, while freezing here in "Up North", I decided it was time to find some embroidered hearts for that Valentine feeling. Here are some beauties I found on Flickr.

I found this lovely on Creative Breathing's Flickr. What a sweet loving heart! I like everything about it.

I found this lovely on MarieLynn's flickr. She has lots of hearts on her photo pages that are interesting.

This neat little pair I spotted at Heartfelthandmade's flickr. Gosh, she has some lovely things there, too.

So this is from a flickr artist who is called Thinkoutsidethebox2008. There are alot of fun hearts in her flickr collection, too.

Are you inspired yet, for Valentine's Day?


  1. How cute! Thanks for all the links to hearts! I am finishing up a Valentines day swap package and one of these little hearts will make the perfect addition!

  2. Funny you mention embroidery. Just yesterday I went out and got some supplies to try my hand at it. I've never done it...but it sure looks like fun.

  3. Those hearts are so beautiful :)

    Greetings from Santiago de Chile.

  4. oh my goodness! i love love love all of these hearts! thanks for sharing your flickr findings with us!

  5. WOW! Thank you so very much for featuring my little group of hearts! I've had a blast creating them and wish Valentine's Day was year round but the good thing about it is that hearts are a forever kind of item so I can continue to create them as often as I'd like. I love your selections here and am such a huge fan of Creative Breathing..everything she makes is just stunning..and I am pleased to call Heartfelthandmade my friend and excited to find another heart artist you have featured.

  6. These are all so cute. The heart with the K is exceptional!

  7. these are all great. I love the blythe doll