May 5, 2009

Beautiful Mess

Cross post from Embroidery as Art: Shannon Genova (aka Giggly Mama) sent me an image of her Sublime Stitching pattern-turned-tattoo. But then, I took a sneaky peek at her flickr set and saw that she's been embroidering up a storm. I loved what I saw. Especially this "beautiful mess" (shown here) of therapeutic embroidery: free-form, no pattern at all- just soothing stitching.



  1. That looks like an experiment in real freedom. I like it.

  2. I meant to include this with the original post (but I really had to hunt for it). The interlocking sections remind me of designs I once saw that re-create the look of mosaic. Really neat! You'll need to scroll to the bottom of this link and click the thumbnail to see what I mean:

    I met this designer, Carolyn Barrani at a trade show a few years ago and her work is really, really pretty.