August 4, 2009


pugly or just puggy
Stitched by Claudia Marchán

Yup, you knew I had to share this with you. Stitched from a Sublime Stitching freebie Jenny posted last week. Claudia altered hers to say "Puggy" instead of "Pugly". Still extremely pug-worthy, I must say!


  1. Aww, Puggy is adorable!!!

    As if you aren't already busy - any chance you'll design a Boston Terrier some day? Say a small BT with one black eye patch and blue eyes named Petey? I might even have a picture you could use...........


  2. oh my!
    i'm so flattered... thank you flor!
    oooooo... and a boston terrier would definitely be sweet!... i hope jenny sees this ;)

  3. i love pugs and i love embroidery, so this is like some kind of dream for me...lovely.