October 17, 2009


IMG_1995, originally uploaded by Smallest Forest.

I love embroidery that looks like a drawing. This is an awesome example of that. I am not completely sure what animal this is from. Anyone who knows?


  1. It is some type of rodent...ewwww!
    But a great stitching project!

  2. Yeah, the teeth have "rodent" written all over them. I love it.

  3. It's the skull of an Urogale everetti, or the Philippine Tree Shrew. It's not classified as a rodent, but as a primate...like moneys and humans. It has human-like ears, and tiny five-fingered hands like a very small, skinny baby's.
    We had thousands of them living in the coconut palms around our house in El Nido, Palawan. The cats caught this one, and we saved the skull.
    Glad you (sort of) liked it!