March 16, 2011

Give Me A Little Kiss

Stumpwork is rocking Craftster. Inspired by last month's featured project by Jemimah, Supervelma put her own twist on the classic stumpwork. It makes me want to rock n' roll all night and party everyday! Don't laugh! I could totally do it, if I wanted to.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I call myself a scientist without the white coat... or degree... or job - I've always been interested in experimenting, whether it's experimenting with food or writing or roller derby or paint or photography or needles and thread, trying to translate what's in my head into whatever medium with which I'm working. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it's a big old mess, I mean learning experience.

Tell us a little bit about the project

I love art with different textures and have always been fascinated by the concept of stumpwork. After seeing Jemimah's amazing stumpwork tentacle, I couldn't get it out of my head, so I decided to finally try my hand at it - I couldn't think of anything that deserved to be in 3-D more than Gene Simmons' impressively ridiculous tongue. I liked that his makeup design is relatively simple and would be recognizable in silk stitching, and that a giant 3-D tongue would be more than a little creepy.

Any plans for more stumpwork or stitching?
Abso-freaking-lutely - I'm a very tactile person and I love the idea of art not being constrained to two dimensions. I'm considering maybe some Moulin Rouge can-can dancers if I can figure out how to do the legs.

What/who inspires you?

my friend, Shannon (GigglyMama) inspired me to get into embroidery, by showing me that needlework could be cool and edgy and artistic. And seeing all the ideas and talent on Craftster always encourages me to go further. And I can't walk out of a craft store without a bag full of stuff and a head full of ideas.

Any advice for a newbie?

Don't think you have to be constrained by specific patterns or fabrics, embroidery floss is cheap, buy a bunch and see what you come up with. Also, needles are sharp, so try to make sure you haven't lost one on the couch cushion you're about to sit on... not that anything like that has ever happened to me.


Favorite KISS song
I should say "Lick it up" to stay in the vein of the project, but I've gotta go with "Strutter" or "Rock N Roll All Night"


  1. I freakin' love this!! Hubby wants me to make one for him, lol! So cool, great job!

  2. This is awesome! Love the creativity!

  3. wow, absolut genial !!!! ich liebe gene simmons so nochmehr !!!
    grüße von manu

  4. I like this blog and I am going visit it since a very long time; I have never understood how it 's the funtion. Is only one person who embroideres? .IIIIIIIdon' Think so, BUT I like this palce and that I see and read!thanks!
    Anne from France

  5. Oh, It´s awesome! I got a littele girl here who got crazy when i showed it. She´s five years old and crazy about kiss!

    How did u do the tounge?

  6. Beautiful work! I love to embroider too. You can always tell the time and love that was put in to it when it is finished.