July 11, 2011

July Stitchalong - Week 1

MimiLove Tom Gnome design
Have you started stitching the Gnome pattern from MimiLove? I must admit that I haven't had time because of a family issue.

But what about you? It doesn't look like there are any gnomes-in-progress in the Flickr group. Are you on holiday and too busy eating too many ice creams? Maybe you haven't added your photos yet? Have you remembered to tag the photos with JulyStitchalong?

Head over to the July Stitchalong post to download the pattern for the gnome! And then we'll meet up here next Monday with a whole bunch of partial or finished gnomes, yes? :-)


  1. I just found your blog-I love the gnome!
    So much work though. I'm afraid I have to see quicker results.
    I bought a box full of 1929-1950's pattern years ago and am just now getting around to going through them. It has been a blast!
    I'm going to start an etsy shop soon from some I've copied. They won't iron on anymore and many are torn, so it been very time consuming to copy. But it's worth it-they are so neat!!
    Sure enjoyed your blog-I'll be back to see what your working on again.

  2. I'm working on my gnome.. no photos yet though!

  3. I've been moving house!! Hoping to get it traced this week some time and make a start. Still haven't quite finished my June stitchalong - so I'm a little backlogged :o

  4. Not stopped doing this now for two days! It is my first attempt to join in a stitch along and only like my 5th piece of embroidery so it isn't very good! I guess I have to start somewhere :)