September 4, 2011

Patterns: Embroidered and Appliqued Ship

I absolutely love what doe c doe has done to this pattern which she found in the Hoop Love Flickr pool, uploaded by Brian Campbell. Stitching a masted sailing ship has been on my personal to do list for a while and I had already seen this pattern, but it hadn't occurred to me in a million years to applique the sails in that way (or the sea for that matter). Visit doe c doe's blog to see her inspiration behind this piece (and she's also provided another really cute vintage floral freebie, which is also on my to-stitch list now - now that particular list grows longer every day).


  1. I do like that! Very jolly - and how perfect for a little boy's room with a pirate flag added!

  2. That is SO cool! Love the use of fabric in there. : )

    sewing in Saskatoon

  3. Wow, this is absolutely lovely! What a lovely blog you have with so many nice creations. I am your newest follower.

  4. so flattered you blogged my piece! thank you :)