September 18, 2011

Patterns: Wee Little Stitches Family Portrait

Wee Little Stitches Family Portrait of us, stitched by me

Wee Little Stitches Family Portrait of my family stitched by me

I've stitched a few of Wee Little Stitches pixel people now and loved doing them, so as a treat to myself last summer I commissioned Wee Little Stitches to turn me and my family into pixel people as well. They did a wonderful job, really capturing my family's likeness from just my description of us and I received the finished pattern really quickly. All that and for a one of a kind pattern at a really reasonable price, I can highly recommend them. You can find them here, maybe just in time to start stitching for those personalised family Christmas cards?

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  1. This is gorgeous! What a lovely idea.

  2. Oh how cute! Thanks for sharing, I will have to look into this.

  3. So cute! I just purchased my own pattern and was thrilled with their speed of delivery and attention to detail. Thanks for letting your readers know about this awesome artist!