July 26, 2012

Learning how to embroider...

Olá! In the past few weeks we've been traveling around Portugal following the inspirations and History of regional embroiderers... But this week and the next, I decided to take a small break! Yes, I'll be talking about embroiderers, too and these are very special to me...

Two years ago I created the project "agulha não pica". My intention was to make embroidery kits for kids and grown-up beginners. As I learned how to embroider by myself I wanted to promote that same idea... But as time went by, I received many requests to organize workshops. The idea of bringing together groups sharing the desire to learn how to embroider and to recreate the spirit that has been present in all embroidery History was a challenge. So I decided to launch the agulha não pica club and promote beginner (and other) workshops.

The patterns used during the workshops
Trying to remain faithful to my initial convictions, I decided that no one could belong to the club without making a piece of embroidery by herself... The participants work on a Portuguese traditional heart in the workshop, during 3 hours, learning five different basic stitches. They take home a sampler designed by me and they are asked to recall what they've learned and to embroider the sampler using those stitches. Only after the heart and the sampler are finished do they officially become members of the agulha não pica club!!

I'm happy with this workshop's "format". It proved to have good results!!

The homework for the new embroiderers - my design
It's so great to see all the hearts already embroidered and the samplers, and although they are working from the same patterns, they all seem so different from one another... Creativity has incredible results!

I leave you with some of the hearts and samplers that the new embroiderers have sent me...

Maria Joao


I'm so grateful to all of them and to the others that don't have their works published too... Obrigada!!
Next week, I'll show you how they managed when they were on their own!! Believe me you'll like it!

Now... For our Portuguese lesson... I'm feeling so proud... I would have to say: "Sinto-me tão orgulhosa"!!


  1. Maria João LeandroJuly 26, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    Agulha Não Pica is an excellent project, because it teaches and assures that something so tradicional is lost in the rush of our time, Thank you. All the best 

  2. Maria Filomena R...July 26, 2012 at 4:38 PM

    Muito bom!!!
    Gostei da ideia...

    abraços de MF

  3. Maria Filomena R...July 26, 2012 at 4:39 PM

    Muito boa ideia...lindos bordados
    Gostei mesmo!!abraços de MF

  4. I must say: I love your blog! I just found it yesterday, and I can't seem to stop looking. It looks great, and there's so much inspiration! I'm more into cross stitch my self, but you are making so many beautiful things, so I think I have to expand! :)

  5. Is there a place to purchase your beginner kit - I've been reading through your blog pages, working up the nerve to try this:)