December 20, 2012

Christmas Memories Notebook (with Portuguese soul)

Olá! This is my first Christmas in feeling stitchy and I never want to forget it... In fact, I believe that we should never forget each of our Christmas! And that was the reason why I decided that it would be great to have a Christmas memories notebook... Wouldn't you like to do the same?

Decorate a notebook as you like and use it to describe how special was your Christmas... Your Christmas Eve, the gifts you gave, the gifts you've received, the most special moments. Work with your children so they can have their memories notebooks, too. They'll love it!

Christmas notebook
Christmas memories notebook

Christmas craft notebook
Craft Christmas Memories notebook

My Christmas memories
Share your Christmas Memories

My Christmas Eve
Describe your Christmas Eve...
I promise that this will be a special Christmas, and it will remain in your memory forever...

* As always I've only used Portuguese supplies... The notebooks, wool yarn, cotton thread and my home made Christmas decorations with cork and burel... They all have a Portuguese soul!

Has anyone already wished you FELIZ NATAL? 


  1. What a perfect idea! I'll be doing this. I'll have the kids fill out a page also, what a wonderful keepsake!

  2. A Christmas memory notebook, that's such a great idea. Maybe my son and I will do that this weekend. Happy Holidays!