April 28, 2013

Patterns: Crafty Magazine


Something slightly different this week; there's a new craft magazine in town (in the UK at least, not sure if it's elsewhere yet), called Crafty and I particularly love issue 2 because it has a fantastic embroidery on the front cover by none other than Cherry and Cinnamon, aka Bridgeen Gillespie, who you may remember did the fantastic Kitsch Witch pattern for Feeling Stitchy last October.

The Roy Lichtenstein inspired embroidery is constructed out of felt and there are detailed instructions inside the magazine on how to create your own. I particularly like the two thought bubbles, in their own individual smaller hoops (not shown on the front cover) which go with it.

Crafty Magazine has a refreshingly different take on the craft resurgence, it has a more urban feel than other craft magazines, the projects look fairly cheap to do but at the same time are the sort of thing you'd want in your home or to wear and there's a nice emphasis on upcycling. Embroidery has featured in two out of two issues so far (also in this issue there's a piece on embroidering vintage postcards) and there's even a monthly column from Mr. X Stitch. Definitely worth a check out at your local newsagents or on your iPad (there's an app).

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  1. Ooh, thanks so much for the mention Jo! You're very kind. And I can confirm that Crafty will continue to spotlight embroidery in the next issue as they've invited me back for another project ;-) You heard it here first!

  2. This is what I love about blogland... getting the first scoop!

  3. The UK seems to have all the best mags! Very cost prohibitive for me in the U.S. though :( Will have to check the local shops to see if they have these on the shelf here.

  4. Thanks for telling us! I hope I can get here in Canada!

  5. I just found issue one here in the states last week! Enjoyed it very much & will keep my eyes open for issue 2

  6. I found it at Barnes & Noble here in Dallas!

  7. I haven't seen this magazine in the US yet, will keep my eyes open!