April 4, 2014

Sarah Williams poem

Sarah Williams stars poem
Stitched by aimee d

This gorgeous poem by Sarah Williams, as stitched by Aimee is just amazing. I am so moved by its simple beauty, and how just a few buttons and one color of thread can be so lovely. Beautiful work!


  1. Great verse and presentation!

  2. Sew Beautiful (I spelt so on purpose it seemed to be appropriate). I just wish I could say something as beautiful as this to my grandson or something close that would make him less fearful of the dark.

  3. Amy Seven-StitchesApril 26, 2014 at 3:18 AM

    What a lovely piece- both the poetry and sewing. The Sarah Williams poem is new to me but it reminded me a little of Calaban in the Coal Mine by Louis Untermeyer. 'Throw us a handful of stars'