November 17, 2015


Born in Delhi, India, Swati Kalsi studied fashion design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. Since then she has developed her own fashion label and distinct style of embroidery design. Swati Kalsi's work highlights traditional Sujani embroidery which orignitates from Bihar in India. The designer works with local female artisans in Bihar to realise her elegant and modern embroidery designs.

Orignially this age old type of embroidery was applied to old sari fabric or any easily accessible cloth. The pieces of silk would be adorned in colourful embroideries using simple running stitch and chain stitch to illustrate typically distinctive motifs, often depicting the life story of the embroiderer. These embroideries were usually patched together to create family heirlooms such as a comforting quilt for a newborn. Sujani literally translates as 'facilitating or easy birth'.

Nature is a reoccurring theme in Swati Kalsi's designs: 'Rhythm and nature have always caught my eye and have gradually become my vocabulary for ornamentation.' The Anhad (boundless) collection is 'inspired by naturally occurring fractals. The embroidery spreads abstractly and seamlessly over the surface of the garments'. Through her approach to mark making a great beauty and cohesion is created.

Find out more about Sujani and Swati Kalsi's work here.

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