May 31, 2016

Stitchy Snippets - Cable Treasures

Bella May Leonard creates vibrant, sculptural embroidery using common electrical wires, other found cables and textile assortments. The firm yet malleable properties of the cable add a tremendous 3D effect to her embroidery and allow the viewer to see a different perspective to embroidery. Bella explains that 'The sculptural aspect of textile art for me is intriguing; three-dimensional, interweaving threads that build up structure with colour and texture is exciting'

The wires and textiles are often stitched and entwined onto a clear, perspex surface juxtaposing her use of colour and transparency. Bella's love of cables initiated when she discovered a pile of discarded, electrical cable in a junkyard as a young girl. The excitement for it's creative possibilities continues and her experimentation with this medium.

Bella refers to her work as a 'collaging technique' and her creative process is led intuitively: 'Making decisions with colour combinations, scale and shape are made intuitively as I work until I feel a piece is resolved and balanced.'

Bella completed a residency in Mexico at the end of last year and has started to showcase this new work. To find out more about Bella Leonard's work and upcoming exhibitions see her website here.

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