May 3, 2016

Stitchy Snippets - Timeless

Amsterdam based embroiderer Alexandra Drenth creates vibrant and mystical textile collages. Taking inspiration from music lyrics and poetry, Alexandra combines old and new to create timeless pieces.

Re-cyling and re-working is often the starting point for her work; many pieces are appliqued with old, vintage fabrics adorned with embroidered line drawings and detailed cross stitch designs.

Drenth says she often retells stories of childhood memories, expressing themes of love and relationships entwined and enriched with elements inspired by nature such as flowers and birds. Her work takes one on 'a journey through time where no sense of time exists'.

Hi, I'm Julia - an embroidery enthusiast based in Amsterdam with a lifelong passion for textiles. I like to mix things up by combining different techniques and mediums - my origami styled dress won the Hand & Lock embroidery prize. Join me on my exploration of embroidery with mixed media and fibre art.

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