June 14, 2016

Fabric Portraits

From his Design studio, artist Benjamin Shine creates ethereal tulle portraits and sculptures which are renowned throughout the world. Shine's background began in Fashion Design and his affinity with fabric stemmed from his upbringing within a family of material manufacturers.

Shine made a mark creating fabric collages of famous figures using strips of material woven through eyelets and he began to consider creating a portrait with a single piece of fabric. This led to the tulle portraits which originate as a single piece of tulle (fine net) which is then scrunched and pleated using an iron to sculpt the shapes and shadows in the form. Shine's 'Hands of Time' is made from over 164 feet of tulle.

These extraordinary pieces have so much depth and detail. Shine expresses that 'If my work can provoke the reaction ‘How?’ or ‘Wow!’ then I’m satisfied'. You can find out more about his work here.

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