October 21, 2016

Friday Instagram Finds No. 75 with Snowbird Artworks

Hello my stitchy friends! Today we take a look at Zoe of the Instagram account @snowbird_artworks! Zoe creates lovely embroidery, cross stitch, and paintings. Her typography embroidery is beautifully stitched with bright colors. Her cross stitch snowflakes are delicate and gorgeous.

Zoe's Instagram account is @snowbird_artworks, and you can also find more in her Etsy shop. Take a look at some pictures from her feed, and if you read to the end, find out how you can participate in #ThankStitching.

A photo posted by Zoe Hattersley (@snowbird_artworks) on

A photo posted by Zoe Hattersley (@snowbird_artworks) on

A photo posted by Zoe Hattersley (@snowbird_artworks) on

A photo posted by Zoe Hattersley (@snowbird_artworks) on

Late last October I had the idea for guest posts in November with a thankful theme. Fast forward to this year, and I remembered in time to get the ball rolling, and I call it #ThankStitching! You can read more about it here on my blog. You don't have to fill out the form on the original blog post. If you're interested in participating simply:

Email me at randomactsofamy {at} gmail.com one nice picture that represents why you are thankful for your particular needle art. Include your first and last names, Instagram name, and a paragraph about why you are thankful for your particular needleart, and what it means to you. I'd prefer that you sent this last bit of info attached as a rich text file (.rtf), but a Word or Google document works, too, as well as typing the text within the email. I know we all have different levels of comfort using technology :)

Oh! Also, just to be certain, if you'd like a specific date for your post to go live, include that. :) And feel free to discretely watermark your photos with your name.

Hi, I'm Amy - I feature interesting embroidery and stitch-related photos I find on Instagram. I'm a hand embroiderer and maker.

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