November 29, 2016

Stitchy Snippets - The Material Of Cloth

Whilst queuing politely on the escalator down to the London Tube and recalling that 'I need to mind the gap!', I was struck by the beautiful embroideries by U.S.A based artist Lauren DiCioccio. Commissioned to promote Royal Ascot, a prestigious, annual horse racing event in the U.K., Lauren had created detailed embroideries exhibiting her vibrant and distinctive style.

I particularly enjoy her collections exploring the 'tangible beauty of commonplace mass-produced media-objects' such as newspapers, plastic bags and bottles. They highlight the brevity of everyday objects and capture their essence. 'These media are becoming obsolete, replaced by the invisible efficiency of various technologies. In some cases, this transition is a good thing- faster transmission and distribution of information, streamlined systems, openness to user input, less waste. But a hole is left behind by the disappearance of these everyday objects. What will happen when we no longer touch information? When newsprint does not rub off onto our fingertips? When we no longer write longhand?'

Drawing from her fine art education and experience Lauren's embroidery resembles a lush oil painting.
Discussing her passion for textiles and its power to evoke emotion, Lauren comments: 'We have a similarly strong emotional response to the material of cloth and to the recognition of time, labor, and care found in a hand-sewn object. Cloth is one of the only textures our body touches and feels so intimately twenty-four hours a day. Its specific tactility and ability to provoke an emotional response is extraordinary, and I have found it an extremely effective and rewarding material to use in my art practice.'

Some of her latest work includes intuitive textile sculptures which she has been exhibiting in her collection 'Familiars'. To find out more about Lauren DiCioccio take a gander at her website here.

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