February 21, 2017

Stitchy Snippets - On The Button

A real master of buttons, artist Ran Hwang, constructs awesome art works made up of hundreds of buttons, pins and yards of threads. Hwang takes something so ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary by manipulating and arranging these common household items into stunning, colossal images.

Ran Hwang likens her artistic process to meditation as she labors for many hours with intricate precision which requires focus, calm and fluidity. Each button is accurately attached to the flat surface with a pin, also many of these buttons are handmade from paper.

Subtle meanings are key to Hwang's work which she explains: "pins hold buttons that remain free to move between the surface of the wall and the pinhead. The constricted movement of the button, an everyday object as numerous and “ordinary” as people, as it is caught within the confines imposed by the wall and the pinhead, suggests the tension between the human desire for freedom and the limitations imposed by society."
Hwang's incredible collection of work is displayed worldwide and can be seen in many international museums. See more of her work here.

Hi, I'm Julia - an embroidery enthusiast based in Amsterdam with a lifelong passion for textiles. I like to mix things up by combining different techniques and mediums - my origami styled dress won the Hand & Lock embroidery prize. Join me on my exploration of embroidery with mixed media and fibre art.

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