August 16, 2017

Find Kindness

Find Kindness embroidery pattern by Sarah K. Benning, featured on Feeling Stitchy
Find Kindness pattern by Sarah K. Benning

I had a post planned and scheduled for today, but in light of all that has happened in the US as of this morning, it just didn't cover what I was feeling. I have re-scheduled that Wonderful Wednesday feature for next week, and my apologies to the wonderful artist I was featuring.

I am not going to lie, I am discouraged. I am deeply ashamed of the fact that white nationalists march in our country again. There is nothing good or right about their march, and I find nothing to support in their evil views. Their words and actions are truly evil, and I cannot believe we are here again, as if the pages of the history of our country have been flipped back, some 50 years, some 100 years, or more. I am ashamed and discouraged that all the progress we have made seems like it was reversed overnight.

So all I can do is one thing - and this pattern by Sarah K Benning puts it best for me: Find Kindness. Find Kindness in myself, and find kindness in the world.

Clergy peaceful presence at the Charlottesville rallies

Here's where I find kindness and hope: In the faces of all the clergy and religious leaders who were willing to risk their lives and safety to stand in the face of evil, and pray.

In the account of one of the witnesses who stood in their midst, they were spat on, insulted, and subjected to tear gas. Yet still they were present and did not lose hope. If they didn't lose hope, neither can I. I find hope in all of those who peacefully protested that day, willing to stand against evil, willing to give their very life to stand against evil.

My prayer for all of us today is that we find kindness, and when we do not find it in this world, that we put it there, ourselves, with God's help.

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